Proposed for the Summer of 2017

Professor Paul Nelson

Tech Madrid is a 4-week summer language immersion program that can earn a student 6 hours of Spanish credit. The program not only emphasizes learning Spanish through daily classes, but also offers lessons on Spanish history and culture through weekly city tours and 3 all-day weekend trips. Students stay with Spanish families during the program and have one free weekend to do as they wish (many students have taken advantage of this free weekend to travel to other Spanish and European destinations).

Madrid is the capital of Spain and in many ways, the center of Hispanic culture. A vibrant city of some 4 million people, it is one of the major capitals of Europe and has something to offer everyone: Cinema, theatre, art, history, architecture, literature, political science, nightlife! It is a compact city, which makes getting around very easy. In addition to being the political and financial center of the country, Madrid houses several of the world’s most important art museums, where the works of such great artists as DiegoVelázquez, Francisco de Goya, Salvador Dalí, and Pablo Picasso can be admired.