About Louisiana Tech University

Tech’s formal name is Louisiana Tech University, but, when it was founded in 1894 by Act 68 of the General Assembly, it was called the Industrial Institute and College of Louisiana. Act 68, which specified that the school be located in Ruston, provided for the establishment of a “first-class” institution designed to educate citizens of the state in the arts and sciences and in “the practical industries of the age”. The school was located on 20 acres of land and in a single building, both donated by the city of Ruston. By September 1895, with its president and faculty of six in residence, Tech opened its door to 202 students.

The first degree offered by the school was a “Bachelor of Industry.” This degree was granted in fields as broadly diverse as music and telegraphy. The first student to receive the degree was Harry Howard, Class of 1897. Mr. Howard was not required to go through a formal graduation program. After his qualifications were examined, Col. A.T. Prescott, the school’s first president, awarded the degree. The first graduation exercises were not held until the following year, 1898, when ten degrees were awarded in a ceremony at the Ruston Opera House.

Since 1894, the institution’s name, purpose, and functions have been modified as the needs of those whom it served have changed. In 1921, the school’s name was changed to Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. The Bachelor of Industry degree was discontinued, and the degrees standard to American education were granted. As the college increased in enrollment and offerings, constant changes were made to meet those additional responsibilities; in 1970, the school’s name was changed to Louisiana Tech University.

Louisiana Tech University is a public institution within the general systems of higher education operating in the State of Louisiana. Control of its policies and procedures falls under the aegis of two public bodies, the State of Louisiana board of Regents and the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors. It is designated as a senior university in the Master Plan for Higher Education in Louisiana published by the Board of Regents. As such it offers a comprehensive range of curricula and degree options at the baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral levels. Its academic offerings are supported by extensive and well-defined research programs, and are complemented by a wide range of service and outreach activities which impact the local, state, regional, national, and international communities.

Enrollment approximates 11,000 students, and the physical plant has grown to over 130 buildings since 1894. There are approximately 255 acres on the main campus; a 472 acre demonstration farm, 94 acres of forest land in Webster parish, and 200 acres of forest land in Winn Parish; 170 acres in Lincoln Parish; five acres on Lake D’Arbonne; and 43.7 acres two miles west of the main campus. In addition, Tech leases four acres of farm and pasture land for the animal production units, and operates facilities at the Ruston Airport in support of the Professional Aviation program.

About the School of Design

The State of Louisiana Board of Regents, acting at the request of the University, voted in 2014 to restructure the existing School of Art and Architecture into one entity – the School of Design. This action brought together two major areas of creativity  within the general organization of the College of Liberal Arts.

The School of Design at Louisiana Tech University administers three undergraduate degree programs, the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, the Bachelor of Interior Design, the Bachelor of Fine Arts and two graduate degree programs, the Master of Architecture. and the Master of Fine Arts These degree programs currently are accredited for the maximum terms by their respective accreditation agencies: NAAB, CIDA & NASAD

Enrollment of the School of Design approximates 400 full-time students. The student body is served by a full-time faculty of 30.