Printmaking Overview

Students working towards Studio Art BFA and MFA degrees can take printmaking courses in intaglio and lithography. A strong foundation in traditional skills is important, as well as encouraging experimentation and embracing new technology while promoting critical thought. Concept and both traditional and exploratory techniques are equally emphasized. Art students are expected to work with the entire printmaking toolbox, from traditional to digital processes. By gaining command of these tools, the artist can choose the appropriate print medium and technique for a given concept.

Printmaking Facilities

The Printmaking Area has recently secured a Student Technology Fee Board Enhancement Grant. This grant has served to update the digital printmaking equipment and provide a new vent hood.


1 (25 ½” x 48”) Floor Model Motor Driven Etching Presses

1 (24” x 36”) Table Top Takach Press

1 (24” x 36”) Charles Brand Press

1 (12” x 18”) Conrad Press

Vertical Etching Tank (Ferric Chloride)

Rosin Box

Hot Plate


1 (25 ½” x 48”) Motor Driven Lithography Printing Press

1 (25 ½” x 48”) Hand Operated Lithography Printing Press

2 Plate Supports

Graining Sink


Bavarian Limestone

Printmaking Catalog Course Descriptions

331: Introduction to Intaglio.

6-1-3. Preq., ART 116 and 126. A basic survey of intaglio techniques in etching, drypoint, aquatint, lift ground, and soft ground.

332: Introduction to Lithography.

6-1-3. Preq., ART 116 and 126. A basic survey of traditional lithography using litho crayons, tusche washes, producing flats, and transfer techniques. Investigate printing methods using Bavarian limestone.

333: Introduction to Digital Printmaking.

6-1-3. Preq., ART 116, 126, and 119 or 274. Introduction to the basic functions of computer software for image manipulation as the foundation for original hand pulled prints.

430: Studio Problems.

6-1-3-(9). Preq., ART 331. Advanced problems in printmaking. (G)