Connective Gestures

Please join us for a reception for Connective Gestures,  art work by Assistant Professor of Photography Jes Schrom  Friday, March 30th at the Enterprise Center.

The reception for Connective Gestures will be held on Friday, March 30th from 6-8 pm. The show runs through April 20th. Gallery hours are Monday- Friday 8am – 5pm.

Jes Schrom will also be giving an a gallery talk on Wednesday April 18th at 7pm. The Enterprise Center is located at 509 West Alabama Ave., Ruston LA. For more information call 257-3890 or visit

Excerpt from artist statement:
Art making allows me to mull over our common struggles and achievements with unconventional results. Humor, heartache, intimacy, detachment, destruction, and regret often fuse together. The very act of creating something, whether it be an object or an idea, moves beyond typical associations. My work is frequently a collaboration or manifestation of my contact with others. Projects oscillate between collective group works requesting the trust and participation of the public to private investigations alone in the studio. Using labor-intensive and repetitive actions, it is the process that remains the most fundamental aspect of my practice and regularly functions as an homage to these distinctly human experiences and emotions.