Bukowski Presenting in Poland

Professor of Art Marie Bukowski will be presenting the “Visualization of Science & Technology through Art” in an interactive session at the International Conference on the Image in Poznan, Poland on September 14, 2012.  The conference aims to shed light on the boundaries of language, culture, scientific research, artistic production, and visual communication in relation to the Unknown.  Bukowski will be presenting her collaborative experiences with the Institute for Micromanufacturing and the College of Engineering and Science.

Bukowski will also be exhibiting her prints in the concurrent Mediations Biennale exhibition in Poznan, Poland.  The Mediations Biennale is a presentation of the latest achievements in art, concentrating on a dialogue between different cultures of the world and artistic explorations of creators from Central Europe. Through relating to the historical and cultural experience, the Mediations Biennale wants to offer a different perspective in the perception of global processes.  The exhibition runs from September 14 through October 14, 2012.