Game Launch

The is the culmination of 10 weeks of game design and development by 5 teams made up of Computer Science and School of Art students at Louisiana Tech.  This collaborative effort has allowed each team of students to create their own mobile game.

Throughout the quarter, the students have learned about game design and development, game mechanics, game design documents, level design, character animation, scene design and illustration, sound, and then the students pulled all of these items together into small working mobile games all within a 10 week period.

Over the course of the quarter, students have had the opportunity to attend a Game Jam, in which teams are given a theme and build a game around that theme all within a 24hr period.  They have also been able to have Skype sessions with Indie Game developers as well as take a tour of and sit down with developers from Moonbot Studios and Interactive for question and answer sessions to glean knowledge from working game design studios.

The Game Launch, is an event where the teams will present their games, there will be food and drinks, and everyone will be invited to play the games.  There will be online voting so that everyone attending can vote for their favorite game.  At the end of the event, an award will be given out to the “Best Game” of the course.  The Game Launch event will take place, Wednesday, Nov. 13th, 2013 at University Hall on the Louisiana Tech University campus from 6-8pm.