SOD Student Show Awards

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Congratulations to the award winners and honorable mention selections in the 2022 School of Design Annual Student Exhibition.

Our juror, David Wolske, and Professor Brooke Cassady presented the awards at the exhibition opening on 15 March.


Student Show Awards 2022


Best in Show MFA: Trash Night, Thomas Faulkner

Best in Show BFA: Dermal Macroscopic Landscape, Camryn Price

Best in Studio 2D: Juicy Fruit, Sarah Adams

Best in Studio 3D: Tumors, Callie Robbins

Best in Studio Photography: Symbiosis, Samuel Wakefield

Best in Foundations: Get Well Soon, Ellie Puljak

Best in Graphic Design: LMNO Beast Trading Cards, Mary Taylor Carwhile


Honorable Mentions:
Carolina, Jackson Culp

Water Fall, Alex Bozeman

Good Soup, Madeline McVay

Golden Haired and Silver Tongued, Morgan McCullin

Femme Pitcher, Tori Sinclair

Withdrawal, Justin McMilllan

The Florist & the Carpenter, Bailey Lodridge

Love Flows, Ashton Barber

The Cottage Massacre, Cameron Flannery

Multivalent Matrices, Clark Malchow

The Florist & the Carpenter Bailey Lodridge

Never Too Cocky, Ashlyn Edwards Johnson

Marital Bliss, Abby Nickels

Night Mare, Melanie Douthit

Crohn’s Cage, Paul Wolfe

Old Sparta Church, Jacob Moffett

Foundation of Things, Jennifer Robison

Mountain Home, Tyler McDonald

Memories Begin to Fade When They Lose Their Worth, Joleé Rogers