Assistantship Opportunities

Graduate Assistantship Guidelines in the School of Design

Graduate Assistantships are limited in number and are awarded on a competitive basis, subject to criteria such as grade point average, test scores, skills offered by the applicant, and needs of the School of Design.

The School of Design accepts applications for graduate assistantships through February 1st. The applicant must submit a cover letter stating their interests and qualifications along with twenty images of recent work.

The student is expected to submit a portfolio of artistic excellence. The student is also expected to demonstrate strong written and verbal communications skills. Once selected as an assistant, the student will audit the course under supervision of the instructor. Once the student has completed the course with satisfaction, he/she is eligible to teach the course once 18 hours of graduate course credit has been accumulated.

A student already enrolled in the program may become eligible for an assistantship once they have completed a year of graduate studies. If a student shows exceptional progress, he/she may be selected after one year in the graduate program to teach.