I’m Planning to be Spontaneous…Tomorrow

Exhibition of New Quilted Works by Damon Caldwell (SOD Faculty)
Thursday/October 23 (Opening Reception)
Enterprise Center at Louisiana Tech UniversityStatement Regarding Creative Work
I am intrigued by the parallels between quilts and walls: two outer layers with interior insulation; the “front” assembled as a complex composition of geometric elements which investigate pattern, color, and materiality; long traditions which are being reexamined in contemporary design. Both also generally require more extensive planning to achieve the desired results. Unlike the potential immediacy of painting or collage, quilting requires an understanding of the hidden structure, seams, and overlaps of the fabric. Spontaneity is thus difficult to achieve. This series of works is an attempt to find ways for ‘planned spontaneity’ in the process. In some cases, this develops through wedding specified pattern blocks to extemporaneous color selection and placement. In other pieces, the regular block system is undermined through insertion of subverting elements of partial pattern. In a few, the entire typical process of block assembly is jettisoned in favor of subtractive and reactive interplay on the studio wall. In all cases, the hope is for pieces which embody and evoke a sense of emotion, landscape, dance, depth, surface, and movement.

Damon Caldwell was born in Bossier City, Louisiana in 1968.  He attended Louisiana Tech University, graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Architecture.  He received his Master of Architecture degree from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1993. He has worked for several noted architectural firms: Studio Libeskind in Berlin, Germany; and Franklin Israel Design Associates in Los Angeles, California.  He currently teaches architecture and interior design in the School of Architecture at Louisiana Tech University, where he is a tenured assistant professor and graduate coordinator for the Master of Architecture program.