Duet Featured in Panel Discussion

Nicole Duet, Assistant Professor of Studio Art will be among the panelists discussing the exhibition Well Worn Truths, currently on display that the Masur Museum of Art. The panel will also include the co-curators, Adjunct Professor Benjamin M. Hickey and Vitus Shell.

Additional information about Well Worn Truths and other events supporting the exhibition, please visit this weblink

Well Worn Truths features a variety of media and deals with depictions of the body in contemporary art. The body as a theme makes the exhibition easily relatable to visitors and also makes clear the many ways our bodies can be used as powerful vehicles for any number of ideas, both timeless and timely. The images and objects in Well Worn Truths include direct representations of individuals and groups, as well as depictions that imply bodies and their associated histories through metaphor.

Exhibiting artists include: Kyle Bravo (LA), Sonya Clark (VA), Eliot Dudik (VA), Nicole Duet (LA), Robert Hodge (TX), Cetin Oguz (MS), David Politzer (TX), Libby Rowe (TX) and Felandus Thames, Thames (NY).