Iancu Exhibits “Things That Go Pop”

Studio 301 is proud to present Raluca Iancu’s “Things That Go Pop”, an exhibition centered around just that: things that do in fact go pop. Iancu examines tragedy through a humorous lens: this exhibition centers around the contrast between automobile airbags and other, more innocuous, things which pop such as bubble wrap. The contrast brings a certain levity to the ubiquitous  memento mori theme which is typical of Iancu’s work. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye! Or until the airbag rips all the electrical out when it goes *pop*! The exhibition will run from January 29th until March 18th. The opening reception is Friday, January 29th from 6-9pm. Light refreshments will be provided. Studio 301 is located at 301 N. Trenton St. Ruston, Louisiana.
Raluca Iancu is an international artist, having exhibited work both across the United States and internationally. She has held residencies in Newfoundland, New York City, Poland and Romania. She is fascinated with crashes, of all kinds, because of the inherent dichotomy between the spectacle and the reality of the event. Raluca Iancu is currently the Assistant Professor of Drawing and Printmaking at Louisiana Tech University.