Game Jam: 19-21 February

Interested in Video Game Design?

The School of Design is hosting the very first Game Jam at Louisiana Tech.  If you are interested in Game Design (from a programming side, art side, or even just interested in concept development) then this is the event for you.
What is a Game Jam?
It’s where you work with a small team (usually a designer and a programmer) to try to develop a video game in 48hrs!!  Sounds like a lot of work and it is but… it is incredibly fun!!!
If you don’t have a partner, show up anyway.  We’ll hook you up with a team.
The dates?  February 19-21.  We will start at 4pm on Friday and it goes through Sunday at 4pm.  Usually teams will have most of their games wrapped up by 3pm and then they will present their games and everyone will have time to play all of the games.
Even if you don’t participate, you are more than welcome to stop by to check it out towards the end of the event and see what everyone has accomplished.
Check out the FB event page for more information: