Iancu Exhibits “Vicarious Trauma” in Shreveport

Raluca Iancu, Assistant Professor of Studio Art (Drawing and Printmaking), will exhibit “Vicarious Trauma” upstairs in CoolSpace @ artspace. Iancu’s art explores disaster, tragedy, memory and vulnerability. The focus of her artspace exhibition will be the installation piece, “It’s Not Easy to Stop a Train.” This is immersive art that presents the viewer with a chance to “step into” one compartment of a crashed long distance passenger train and experience catharsis. Iancu hopes the audience will view the installation from the perspective of both spectator and victim, with attraction and repulsion, as one in control and one forced to submit, as someone wanting to forget versus one who is unable to get the scene out of her mind. Iancu is an international artist who has held residencies in Newfoundland, New York City, Poland and Romania.

The opening reception is scheduled for Thursday, 31 August at 5pm at Artspace Shreveport, located at 708 Texas Street.