Computer Specifications

Studio Art majors are required to have a personal laptop,

We recommend the MacBook Pro. Laptops are compact and very useful for their portability, but can be difficult to use for extended periods of design and may reduce some types of productivity (small screen sizes characteristic of all portable computer devices are an issue for some, for example). For this reason, it is highly recommended that an additional display and extended keyboard be included (displays from other vendors will work with Apple computers).

Apple computers continue to be an industry standard for graphic design. Most models (configurations) in the MacBook Pro, will be sufficient, but one may want to look closely at differing options—here are a few things to consider: Higher processor speeds result in faster processing of files. Processor speed is measured in gigahertz (GHz). Memory or RAM is measured in gigabytes (GB). Greater GHz and RAM equal greater working speed and usability.

Additional services and hardware may also include Appleʼs AppleCare service plan or third-party loss/damage coverage, headphones, external/portable hard drive, or cloud storage (DropBox, Google Drive).

Apple Educational pricing


Studio Art majors are required to maintain an active subscription with Adobe to use this software. The software is available for download via Adobe’s website. Full details on the Educational rate can be found by clicking here. A 30-day free trial of each application is available at Adobe.


Studio Art majors are recommended to purchase a large format printer capable of outputting 13×19 prints.
Be sure to check, and for the latest pricing on printers, paper and ink.