Master of Fine Arts

Documents of Importance

Capstone & Exhibition Requirements

The qualified candidate will possess a BFA (or minimum of a BA) in their chosen field of study. Graduate admission is conducted through the School of Design and is extremely competitive. With fields of study in Communication Design and Studio, the School of Design attracts applicants searching for an innovative interdisciplinary program. The Graduate Committee in the School of Design selects applicants based on creative work, academic record, life experiences, statement, and understanding of the program. Approximately five students are admitted each year.

Deadlines for admission are February 1 (fall quarter), September 1 (winter quarter), and December 1 (spring quarter); these are application receipt deadlines, not postmark deadlines. There is no summer admission. Do not contact the School for application status. Applications are accepted on line at for the School of Design component and for the Graduate School forms.

In the School of Design’s Master of Fine Arts program, self-motivated and dedicated artists work in a range of styles and approaches. Individual artists are immersed in a program that hones their technical skills while they explore/exploit ideas through analysis and image development and redefine their personal visions through aesthetic form and conceptual contexts.

Graduate students in the Master of Fine Arts program will work towards 60 hours in any of the three areas: Communication Design, Photography, and Studio. Within these areas, students are involved in various disciplines such as painting, traditional and digital photography, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, multimedia and communication design. Students are asked to consider the ramifications of their work on a local, social, and universal level. Emphasis is placed on individual studio work. Because of this emphasis, each student is given a private studio. Most of the graduate experience revolves around this practice. Students are encouraged to explore critical and conceptual issues, especially in relation to their own work. Students participate in individual critiques, intensive group critiques, and critical seminars. The scale of our graduate program allows for one on one interaction between faculty and students.

Graduate students are encouraged to participate in our Study Abroad Program in Paris. This type of experience allows for their personal and artistic growth.

Several additional assistantships for $5,000 are available to qualified applicants. Decisions will be made early in April. Receipt of an assistantship qualifies the student for in-state tuition.

Ruston, Louisiana is a great location for graduate study. This rural city is close to top museums in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, New Orleans, Little Rock, and Jackson. Housing is affordable and the cost of living is low.